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"Rules Of The Road"

Park and camp only in designated areas.
Keep the trailhead and trail free from litter.
Stay on the trail, usually marked by 2 x 6 blazes.
Travel and camp in groups of 10 or less, if possible.
State and Federal law prohibits motorized vehicles on most hiking trails. {Mountain bikes included} .
Keep pets under control at all times.
Leave all flowers, plants, and trees for the next person to enjoy.
Take only pictures- Leave only footprints.
Be careful with fires; make them only in specified areas and put them completely out before you leave.
Stay on the right of way.
Give hikers going uphill the right of way.
Respect peace and quiet on the trail and at camp.
Leave all gates and bar ways as you found them.
Be friendly to those you meet.
Report any dangerous trail conditions to the proper authority.
Be considerate of landowners wishes.
Obey all signs, especially, NO TRESPASSING"
Be Prepared, carry adequate equipment.
Most camp sites and shelters are on a first come-first serve basis.
Before your trip make sure you have everything you need, (maps, permits, gear, etc.)
Pick up litter you may find on the trail.
"Carry in-Carry out" everything.

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